Making The Invisible Visiable

Gain visibility and effectively manage gate, dock, assets, yard, shipments, and network operations Computer Vision technology to identify, locate, and track assets in realtime SmartMarker™ provides Simplicity, Affordability & Scalability

VisAbility Solutions

VisAbility Solutions is a leading provider of cutting-edge computer vision software to enhance productivity in many markets. We set to develop a unique approach for tracking assets using a traditional label that has been in use for several decades and added the computer vision augmented layers.  This allows customers that have been using traditional barcoding which requires manual scanning to a fully automated method of tracking and locating inventory in a blink of an eye without changing the fact that product/jobs still need a label.  Now with the SmartMarker™ added to clients label and using a standard camera and SmartMarker™ enterprise software we can identify and track accurately the location of all inventory in multiple markets.  We allow our customers to Print IT, Stick IT, and Track IT without ever requiring battery keeping your current label process intact and affordable solution to track assets.


Key Features

<1 to 6 inches accuracy
Low Maintenance
Extremely Fast Detection
Affordable Solution
Fast & Simple Implementation
Print Your Own SmartMarker™
Light Infrastructure
Auto-Check In/Out

VisAbility Team

VisAbility is an Industry Leading Provider of Unified Asset Visibility Solutions for a Wide Range of Industrial, Manufacturing and Commercial Applications. Our Secure World Class Monitoring Systems Provide Real-time Location, Status, and Condition of Assets and Personnel Throughout Your Enterprise.

Our team consists of experienced RTLS specialists with specific areas of expertise: Development, Engineering, Sales, Business Analysis, Project Management... Everything you need to implement your ideas. For years, we have provided custom-made solutions for small and large companies, enabling our customers in their endeavours to maximize their operations' efficiency and security.


Enterprise Software

  • Browser base application

  • No software to install

  • Full Restful API

  • Custom indoor & outdoor Map

  • Overlay Functionality

  • Custom Business Rules & Alerts

  • Asset Allocation Billing Tracking

  • Roles, Departments & Categories

  • Check-In and Auto Check-Out

  • Par Level, Choke-points

  • Mustering

  • Dispatch Capability

  • Time On Tools

  • Much more...


Use Cases


Track GSE assets using SmartMarker™ No battery or electronic frequency approvals not needed for airport.


Track all pallets in racks & dock door area with your current label process by just adding SmartMarker™

Port Yard

Track all containers with accuracy using SmartMarker™


News & Updates

Innovation for every business needing to track assets.

Print it, Stick it & Track it


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