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The LoRra Network

LoRa is a wireless technology that has been developed to enable low data rate communications to be made over long distances by sensors and actuators for M2M and IoT applications.

One of the major challenges for machine to machine communications used for applications like Internet of Things is to enable communications over long ranges using very low power levels. One scheme for addressing this is known as LoRa. It gains its name from the fact that it is able to provide 'Long Range' communications using very low power levels. A LoRa network can be arranged to provide coverage similar to that of a cellular network.

There are several key elements of the LoRa wireless system, including the following:

  • Long range: up to 60 km.

  • Millions of nodes 

  • Long battery life: up to several years

  • RF interface / physical layer :   The LoRa physical layer governs the aspects of the RF signal that is transmitted between the nodes or endpoints, i.e. the sensors/tags and the LoRa gateway where signals are received. It governs aspects of the signal including the frequencies, modulation format, power levels and signalling between the transmitting and receiving elements.

For more information, please visit the official LoRa-Aliance website.

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